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ToTo's Tradepost [Nov. 3rd, 2012|11:54 am]
ToTo's Tradepost

Please Note: I just recently started looking at TCGs again. This page may be changing here and there without notice. I'll keep it as simple as possible ^_~

Hello and welcome to my Tradepost! This journal is used to play online Trading Card Games. I do not use it for anything else. If you are looking for my personal journal please see serenamina. But it's friends only, so there isnt much there to look at.

Why am I using a journal as my tradepost and not a website?

The following are the TCGs I am currently participating in. Feel free to browse and look at what I got ^-^ And if there is a trade you would like to make you can email me at serenamina@gmail.com or leave a comment (please leave your member name, email, and website address)

Thanks for visiting!

ElementsCrystal TokyoTiny Legend
So MagicalGlee ClubChoices

Coming Soon
Dark Mark

Liberi Fatali REBIRTHMoonlight LegendStarshine
A Little BitWhedonverseHorcrux


I am currently looking for trading buddies! Don't know what a trading buddy is? Want to know the perks of being my trading buddy? Click Here!

~*~OLD TCGS~*~

DelishMissingNoEssenceHalfmoon HollowSo MagicalMemorable
Blimey!PhotobucketA Little BitAfficheSenshi Card Mania
Moonlight LegendColligoWonders of NatureBon AppetitOathkeeper
OnceReverieRetroEverlastingPirate Curse
BibliophileEnchanted CardsParlezEnchanted MelodiesKirari Sailor Dreams

TotoTCG - Updates
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